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FallLine was founded in 1981, and specializes in manufacturing polyurethane products that are utilized in industrial applications. We have the ability to design, manufacture and distribute high quality products that yield optimum performance and fit your specific requirements. We are first in innovation and service, and are committed to meeting the needs of our customers at the highest possible level.

Featured Products



PolyBoo is a heavy-duty, long lasting bamboo replacement. PolyBoo is manufactured in the USA from a ...

Prinoth/Bombardier BR275/BR350/BR400/Bison Sprocket

Introduced in 2013, FallLine now offers the TITAN heavy-duty solid plastic sprocket. Manufactured ...


B-Net Package Includes (11) B-Net Poles with flat tips and anodized aluminum quick release levers, ...
$171.00 - $448.40

Prinoth/Bombardier/Camoplast Solid Polyurethane Tire/Wheel Assembly

Our new solid polyurethane tire/wheel assembly includes a heavy-duty, soft durometer solid ...
$420.00 - $750.00

FISCH Alu Speed Light Ice Drill Bit

The FISCH Alu Speed Light Ice Drill Bits feature an ultra-lightweight, corrosion resistant design ...
$127.30 - $190.00

60" Blank ATV/UTV Cutting Edge

Dimensions: 60" x 4" x .75" FallLine Polyurethane Snowplow Cutting Edges are ...

BR275/BR350/BR400/Bison Belts

The Prinoth/Bombardier/Camoplast BR275/BR350/BR400/Bison Premium Series Belt feature a 50% increase ...
$435.00 - $835.00

Titan Cable Protector - 5-Channel

To develop the Titan 5-Channel Cable Protector, we combined our 30+ years of manufacturing ...