BR500/Beast Belts

Product Information

The Prinoth BR500/Beast Belts are all produced from our Premium Series belting and are pre-drilled for an overlap style lacing vs. a standard hinge lacing. Belts include 2-piece overlap bushing. Please note that the overlap lacing bar is not included.

The Prinoth BR500/Beast Belts feature a 50% increase in tensile strength over our previous heavy-duty belt (100 Series), along with a higher fastener retention rating, all without sacrificing flexibility. Our new Premium belt also features vulcanized sealed edges, putting an end to fraying edges. The Premium belt is our premier series drive belt for heavier, high horsepower front line groomers.


Belt Description Belt Pos. Width #Gr.
Center 3,4,7,8 8" 86 gr.
Inside/Outside 2,5,6,9 8" 86 gr.
Asymm. 1,2,9,10 5" 86 gr.
Climbing Asymm. 2,9 5" 86 gr.



Refer to the numbers 1-10 across the top of the diagram for belt position. 

Width of belts vary according to machine and placement. 

Be sure number of grousers (gr) corresponds to your machine. (Actual number of grousers on the machine, not rows of holes in belt.)

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