Polyurethane Bucket Edges

FallLine Polyurethane Bucket edges are intended for use on light & medium duty bucket applications where surface damage is a concern. Our edges feature a specially formulated heavy-duty polyurethane compound with an encased steel plate for added strength. The edges are 2.5" thick, available in 6" or 8" widths with a 30° bevel on the leading edge and are offered in up to 95" continuous length.

As a general guideline, our 6" wide Polyurethane Bucket Edges are for use on skid steers and light tractor/loader applications, and our 8" wide edge is for medium to large tractors/loaders. However, by verifying the dimension from the leading edge of the bucket to the centerline of the mounting holes, a better determination of going with a 6" or 8" edge can be made – if the holes are 2" - 2.5" back, a 6" edge will work best, if the holes are set back 2.75" or more an 8" edge will be required, a distance of 2.5" – 2.74" is a judgment call between the two widths.

Please note that our Polyurethane Bucket Edges are for use in a snow/wet environment, and are not designed to be used with down-pressure or in dry environments.

If the bucket edge you require is not listed below, download our printable Custom Bucket Edge Order Form. (Note: this form is in PDF format. You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view and print this form. Download the free Reader here).