Honda Snow Blower Skid Shoe

Product Information

Redesigned for 2021/2022 - Our Honda skid shoes are now reversible for twice the life! FallLine Polyurethane Snow Blower Skid Shoes for Honda blowers are manufactured from a durable polyurethane compound that offers a service life that far exceeds the original steel skid shoes. In addition, FallLine's Honda skid shoes are non-marking, making them ideal for protecting concrete, pavers, cobblestone, or any other surface where scratches or rust marks are a concern.

The image showing a skid shoe mounted on a blower is the previous design.

Please note that skid shoes are sold individually and that (2) are required.

FallLine Part # OEM Part # Model #


76153-736-010 /
Honda HS50, HS55, HS70, HS80, HS724, HS928, HSS928, HSS1332