Snowcat Bogie Wheels & Tires

Snowcat Tires

Long life, high grade tires are a must for all snowcats. FallLine's Snowcat Special and Trelleborg lines of tires are built to better negotiate tough terrain and are designed to handle the heavy loads associated with high powered grooming vehicles. We also offer a Polyfill service (sometimes referred to as foam filling) to ensure that the maximum service life is obtained from your tires.

For those with Prinoth/Bombardier BR180, BR275, BR350, BR400 and Bison machines looking for a heavier-duty option, we offer brand new solid tires or the ability to retrofit your factory solid rubber tires to a solid polyurethane tire.

FallLine also recovers wheels for the majority of snowcats that came with polyurethane or solid rubber bogie wheels from the factory.