FISCH Alu Speed Light Ice Drill Bit

Product Information

The FISCH Alu Speed Light Ice Drill Bits feature an ultra-lightweight, corrosion resistant design with a fixed tungsten carbide tip for long service life. The steep flute design makes this bit effective in both snow and ice. Alu Speed Light bits are acceptable for use with hammer drills. All bits have a hardened chromium plated 1/2" shank and an overall length of 533mm (21").

Diameter Application
28mm (1-1/16") Bamboo, Poly Stakes, Brush Markers & Stick-in Bases
32mm (1-1/4") B-Net Poles
35mm (1-3/8") B-Net Poles & Screw Bases
38mm (1-1/2") Screw Bases
42mm (1-5/8") Fence Poles
48mm (1-7/8") Fence Poles