SPT Launch Rod

Product Information

The Launch Rod is designed for shaping transitions, especially for super pipes and quarter pipes. It offers the perfect balance of features with multiple handle options, ultra-durable well-weighted vert cutting head, and smooth anti-snag design to perfectly shape transitions.

Launch Rod Features include:

  • High-strength corrosion resistant stainless steel laser cut head
  • Handle constructed with high-strength aircraft quality aluminum
  • Recessed anti-snag hardware that results in an ultra-smooth finish
  • Universal handle design that allows for additional handles to increase the overall length
  • Removable head/handle with quick-release pin allows for easy travel, replacement, and accessories
  • Length without extension handle is 51" inches, with extension handle length is 114" (1 extension handle with hardware included)
  • Black anodized finish on handles to help eliminate corrosion